Year Six: School Journey Day Three

Once again, we fuelled up on a large breakfast as we were preparing for our hike up Mount Snowdon. After a beautifully scenic coach journey, we found ourselves at the bottom of the mountain, where we would begin our hike. The pace was set by Adrian and Phoenix who embodied mountain goats all the way up and down! Sherri impressed with her generosity by sharing her sandwiches to help others in need – the kindness and selflessness was definitely noticed by the adults. The hike was not at all easy, especially with the windy and rainy weather conditions. Someone who really shone was Reece as he persevered to get to the lake we stopped at for lunch before a tricky descent.

Next on our itinerary was a visit to Conwy Castle, the children had the freedom to explore the castle in small groups. Some went up very high turrets in order to keep an eye on the kingdom – Samuel and Xander spent most of the time waving from up there! 

Once we had returned back to the hotel, it was announced that there would be room inspections, they had until dinner to prepare their rooms for the toughest of critics! Hannah and Chloe were extremely professional in the delivery of their inspection and every item of clothing was folded to the highest standard – their efforts didn’t go unnoticed! Lorcan also was particularly impressive in his delivery, but this time a slightly calmer approach with added charm!

We have been entertained by Lilia all week, she has not only been a supportive and caring friend, but has also provided the adults with some sassy and witty comments which make it impossible not to smile!