Year Six: Goodnight Mr. Tom – Diary

Year 6 have used their inference skills to write a diary entry by Mr. Tom about his new lodger, an evacuee called Willie Beech.

Dear Diary

I can’t tell you how much grief I’ve been through.This kid ( evacuee ) landed on my doorstep.Polite little fella he is,feel sorry for him but I just can’t get through all the grief.Willie his name is.He’s so skinny and quiet!He arrived bruised and battered and shrivels away when I mention it.

I was shocked when I looked in his scruffy little bag and found a belt for beating!when I read the letter from his mother I was appalled no love or affection for the poor boy.I feel worried for willie in many ways,because he could get way to skinny that he might just give in all hope possible.

He’s way to much beaten by his mother and has multicolored bruises all over his body.I mean he’s scared of squirrels dogs,he lives in london !!!sometimes i wonder if he would be better off with me then his nasty mother.



Dear Diary

Because of the outbreak of world war 2,a boy called William Beach had to evacuate his town in london and came to live with me in a little village called Little Weirwold.I Mr oakley have the part to look after him.They only gave him to me because i live near a church and as i have heard he is god fearing and reads the bible.

When he arrived he was wearing a mackintosh,long shorts along with long socks.He also arrived with a paper bag in his pale hands.William was a scraggy,ill-looking,sickly 8 years old boy.I had soon enough found out that Willie is scared of dogs and squirrels.As you know i have a dog called sammy.I hope they get along.

I was about to give William his food and I noticed his sock had rolled down and I figured out he had bruises all over his body.Not after a few days I had a bag delivered along with a note from his mom! I had read the note and it made me really angry.Next i looked inside the bag and i found a : toothbrush,a towel,soap,bible and a belt!I got so ferocious that I got the bag and shoved it inside my cupboard where it is never to be seen again.



Dear diary,

Finally I have time to write in my diary!

William Beech arrived on September 1st, he looked filthy, pale and poorly dressed!

Willie is a poor boy who has been sent to me to be looked after, from London.I was so shocked when i found a belt and a note.

The note said hit him in case he misbehaves!

I am really worried for Willies skin condition because he has loads of bruises on his arms and legs.Apparently he says they are from his mum from beating him alot!



At last I have time to write my diary. When the boy arrived on my doorstep, I was taken~aghast by his skinny sickly looking appearance, with bruises of all kinds.

He is called willie and he is so timid and unfit that I don’t know how to help him. I read his mums letter and was appalled by the lack of affection and even more shocked when I saw the belt at the back of the bag. I wasn’t raised being beaten and willie shouldn’t be either, I don’t think that is the right way forward.

Sometimes I wonder if i’m mentally equipped for this job, I worry about willie’s health and emotional mindset, his mother seems extremely cruel and unkind.

Still I best not get fond of the boy, he will have to go back to london soon, I don’t want to bear that pain again.



A young boy with the name of William Beech [Willie as some would call ] recently arrived at my doorstep.I am so glad I have got the time to put pen to paper as I am slightly worried about William.

He is a very skinny, fragile and thin looking boy, also very timid and is afraid of squirrells and dogs! This most likely shows he doesnt go outdoors by choice or is forced and told not to go outside which could be a possibility because of the way his mother wrote the letter she sent me which does not show any affection at all.

Willie arrived looking poorly clad and filthy. I was astonished with how Mrs Beech [ his mother ] treats him and the fact that she was only worried about Willie reading the bible every night and that she had packed the belt for when he is bad is sad [ the bible and belt were mentioned in the letter from his mother].

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be a parent which I was but sadly my wife died and soon after my child. I also question to myself if Willie would be better off with someone else providing his home and being responsible for him instead of his mother due to the lack of love between there relationship as mother and son.



Tom’s Diary

At last, I can finally write in my beloved diary, as ever since this dirty, bruised boy arrived at my stone doorstep and I was forced to take him in, my life has changed completely. Living and grieving by myself is so different from trying to look after an eleven year old boy that has been abused by his mother.

Willie is a sickly looking boy that is beaten by his mother with a leather belt with a pure steel buckle. He wears dirty, ragged clothes and is scared of almost everything.

He threatened to kill Sammy (my dog)!

He arrived looking dirty and poorly clothed, he was wearing thin undershorts, a vest and an extremely thin mackintosh. He was covered in bruises and filth. His injuries made me scared as his mother obviously abuses him a lot.When I read the letter that his horrible mother had sent him I was appalled; there was no affection for Willie.

I feel sorry for Willie as one day he has to go back to this horrible life. His mother sounds like a horrible woman who has claimed herself to be a widow that beats her eleven year old boy and isn’t affectionate towards him. He is skinny and underfed.



Dear Diary,

These last few days have been chaotic, I have been assigned with a pail, malnourished London evacuee .He is not what I need. Ever since Rachel died I have kept myself to myself but now I must clothe and feed an tormented 11 year old boy.

Last Saturday I was greeted with the war is immenet speach and how we should do our part ; then given a child to care for. In my oppion the war will be finished soon so hopefully it won’t be for too long.The evacuee, who goes by the name Willie, has only brought a balaclaver, a piece of soap, a small towl, a toothbrush and a bible.

What would Rachel have done ?

When I read the letter from his mum there was no affection.He has soarse and bruises covering him from head to toe and to indicate he was being beaten there was a belt at the bottem of the bag. I was furious!If I,Tom Oakley, ever hit a child it will be with the back of my own hand.

Oh where have you landed yourself, Tom Okaley.

Remember, don’t get too fond of the boy Tom, because everyone you have ever loved has faded into the past.Why did you have to go Rachel?

Till next time,




Dear Diary,

At last, I have time to pick up a pen and paper. Since the boy arrived on my doorstep, I immediately thought that I should not get fond of him, otherwise I will be obliterated in sadness as he is gone. Willie is a coy boy who has bruises all around his body, he is a skinny, sickly looking young boy. He is poorly dressed and has a limited amount of clothes.

When I read the letter from Willie’s mother I was so shocked that when Willie is naughty his mother will beat him up with a belt and been stitched up for the winter. “ Sometimes I think I doubt myself, since I’ve already lost two people”.



Dear diary,

After so long,I have been able to write in my diary.The last few days have been demented as the Billeting Officer came to my doorstep and handed me a lanky, pallid and neurotic London boy.

His name was william/willie Beech(who knew looking after a ten year old was so hard).When I peruse the letter that his mother had packed. I was disconcerted with what I saw before my very own eyes.As said in the letter willie gets beaten up regularly whitch worries me as he is nervous and is covered in bruises.

Sometimes I wonder if I am doing the right thing or if i should remarry to grow this family .I also think about not getting to fond of the boy as he would have to go back to London.



Dear Diary,

I saw a poor boy on my doorstep,his name was willie,and he had a bag in his dirty hand.

I looked in his bag and I saw a toothbrush, a bible and a BELT.

I was so shocked when i saw the brown leather belt i cant believe his mom would beat him by the horrendous belt

Willie is a shy, skinny young lad with bruises all over his body. He arrived looking very dirty, he was wearing a coat which was covering his big bruises. I was so shocked when i found out that he is getting beaten by his mom.

When i saw and read the letter by him awful mom i nearly cried because one part of it said’’ if Willie is naughty the please beat him with the belt i was so sad

I feel worried about Willie because one day he would have to go back to his awful mom again and continue to get hit by the belt. Sometimes I wonder what my Lovely wife Rachel will think of this.



Dear Diary,

His name is Willie. William Beech. He is a shy boy, an evacuee from London. Must be strange for him around here in Little Weirwold.

I was surprised to find a belt in the brown paper bag that his mother gave him. The letter she sent over with him explained that you have to hit the boy with this hard piece of metal when he had been naughty.

She is a strict, brutal woman, who is harsh with her son. They are a very religious family. She even packed a bible for Willie to read every night before he goes to bed! She forces him to say his prayers to god at bedtime too. By the sounds of it, she has no affection or love for the poor lad.

But I mustn’t grow too close to Willie; I don’t intend to lose someone else. I’ve experienced enough grief in my time.

He arrived looking very skinny, covered in lumps and bruises, whilst remaining rather nervous around other people. He was scared of lovely Sammy, which I thought was quite strange for a boy of ten. Why wouldn’t he like dogs? They are such wonderful creatures to have as a pet, I just don’t understand why he was so scared of him. He used to live in London, so maybe they don’t have dogs as pets in the city.

I’m getting to know Willie a little bit more now. He is a kind, caring young boy, I must say. It’s been a pleasure welcoming him into my home. It’s the least I could do for him.

From Tom xxx

Annabel D


Dear diary,

This affirmation of war which is still imminent is causing a rift of discretion amongst Little Weirwold. I am starting to doubt myself, I don’t think I am equipped to cope with Wille. However, if I disowned him, I would never forgive myself. His mum doesn’t even have the tiniest bit of love to give. His mum sent me a letter, you see; there wasn’t even a miniscule declaration of affection. Nevertheless, I can’t deal with that desolation again.

If I do grow to be fond of the boy and he is just taken away in the blink of an eye, I would never get over it. Recently, I have noticed that Willie is covered in bruises, so I am assuming that his mum used to beat him. Mainly because there was a used coarse leather belt amongst the mix of items his mum sent me.His mum said he was sinful but I just don’t see it. Willie is skinny and puny, frail and nimble, scared and pale. Frightened.

My world has turned upside down, inside out in the last week. Sometimes I wonder if I should have married again. Rachel was lenient, my baby was bewitching and we were so ecstatic. The solitary has been too much and for so long I have desired company. If I had been different maybe I wouldn’t be in this crisis.

I want to provide a life that the well-mannered eleven year old boy never had.

He has never seen a squirrel or a dog before and he is told he if bad,

I am such a mess,

From your overwhelmed pal,




Finally I have time to write my beloved diary. Ever since the young boy arrived,my life has completely changed. Willie is a skinny,eleven year old boy from London,he is covered from head to toe in bruises that informs me that he gets beaten by his unaffectionate mother. When I read the letter from his mother I was full of shock;she had no sympathy for Willie; she only cared about the belt that she packed and the bible. And also she only wanted him to be with god-fearing people. He didn’t eat the bacon that i gave him and he doesn’t eat much and that worries me that he is skinny and unfit.

When I see him I sometimes wonder if I should have agreed to have him in the first place. It will probably bring back horrible memories of Rachel, my wife and my son that sadly died. I worry about myself because when he leaves he will also go and make it all happen again and break my heart once more.



Dear diary,

As you know, for these past years, I have been wrapped up in my own anguish and desolation, causing depression and loneliness due to the grief my dear departed wife and son gave me. I thought I would live to the end of my life without housing another child but I have been wrong; Willie came to my doorstep amongst other children with few belongings and thin clothes, not equipped to be living in the winter for long.

At first, I was incredulous at the state of him. He had bruises and sores all over his thin, scrawny body. I soon had the realization that his mother, his ghastly mother, used a big leather belt often to hit him. I was perplexed by this, as he didn’t seem to be the delinquent, sinful boy that his mother implied he was in the letter.

I am concerned because though pusillanimous, the boy has an amiable aura about him and even though I want to, I must not get fond of him.If I do, when he eventually leaves, I will not be able to cope with the affliction all over again. In this last week my world has completely turned inside out. I must go now because I do not have much time on his hands with Willie around. I suppose it’s a good thing.

From your disorientated and muddled friend, Tom.



Dear Diary

At last, I have the opportunity to pick up pen and paper. Since the boy arrived at my doorstep. I have been wondering what life would be like with Rachel. It grieves me that I am not with her. I remember I should not get fond of the child because if I do. I’ll lose him like I lost everything.

Willie is a sickly and malnourished boy, he is bruised all over his body. I realised why when I opened his mothers letter. She had included a belt. I was revolted. I wouldn’t ever hit a child and if I did I would hit them with the skin of my own hand. He arrived looking filthy and bleached. I feel worried about Willie because someday he’ll go back to his biological mother. Sometimes I wonder if it would be better for me to look after him than his birth parents.



Dear Diary,

Finally,I have time to write. When the boy,who goes by the name Willie,arrived at my house I was shocked. Willie looked poorly clothed and like he lived in an abandoned house. When I looked through his bag to see what he brought I had found a leather belt at the bottom. I also found a letter from and it said “the belt is for Willie if he is being naughty.” I can’t believe Willie’s mother wants me to whack him with a belt.

I feel worried for him because one he doesn’t know what a dog is and two i found out he has multi- colored bruise all over him. Sometimes i wonder if i’m the right person to look after Willie.

From Tom



Dear Diary

Finally I get time to put pen to paper. Since a London evacuee called Whillie has arrived at my doorstep I have never been more out of breath .

I was shoked when I saw that Willie’s Mum packed the belt. I couldn’t bleave it.

I feel worred about Whillie , because his Mum doesn’t treat him very well. Sometimes I wonder if Willie would be better off with me then his crool Mum.

Willie is religus, his Mum packed him a bible as well as a toothbrush, a towel and a belt. His Mum told him that he had to stay with god thering people or he will not go.



To my diary,

Willie is a young boy who arrived last Sunday.

He has taken much of my time.

I think he has started to grow on me.

I was so shocked when the young lad showed up at my doorstep.

When I read the letter from his Mum, I was astonished!

I felt bad for Willie because he lives with his mentally – ill Mum.

Sometimes I wonder where he would be if my wife and son were still here.



Dear diary,

This morning a frail, poorly clad evacuee boy from London arrived on my doorstep with a harassed looking billeting officer, by law I had to give the boy refuge until the end of the war so I brought the boy inside and gave him 2 rashers of fresh bacon but he felt ill so he didn’t manage to eat it.

Later I said to him he could have a walk in the graveyard to take in some fresh air, Whilst he did that I walked sammy around our usual route; he must’ve been loitering round the old oak tree because sammy ran up to him just after we had just entered the graveyard , anyway, Sammy ran up to him and scared him half to death, he picked up a thin stick to defend himself haven’t these London folk ever seen a dog before ?

When we arrived back home I found a hessian sack on my doorstep with a letter inside as well as a letter there was a belt, a toothbrush and a battered old bible, in the letter from the evacuees mum I realized he is hit with the belt when he commits a sin, for apparently he is a sinful boy like all supposedly are in london but he promised to be good according to his mother’s letter I find he is a well behaved young man who’s bringing up in London hasn’t taught him much unlike country life does.

I have lost loved ones before and I couldn’t bear for it to happen again so I try not to get fond of Willie



Dear Diary,

Because of the outbreak of World War II a little boy called Willam Beech had to evacuate his hometown to come live with me.He arrived with a plastic bag in his pale hand.He was a scraggy and ill looking boy.I was shocked to see many multi-colored bruises along his arms and legs.I asked him how he got all of them ; he replied if I am disobedient my Mom wacks me with a belt.Sometimes I wonder if he would be better off with me.

I looked in his plastic bags to find a belt,socks,towel and a toothbrush.I also found a letter from his Mom.It was upsetting to see the lack of affection in the letter.I think the boy is growing on to me but I can’t get to attached because I know he will have to leave soon and I don’t want to suffer again.

The letter that Willies Mom sent to him was cruel and suggested using the belt if he is naughty.I believe in disiplin but not hitting a child with a leather belt.If I were to hit a child I would slap him with the back of my hand.I feel worried about willie because he doesnt get fed enough and he gets hit 24/7.I get a bad impression from willies Mom.I hope willie stays safe.Inside I don’t want him to leave but on the outside I am pushing him away.




Dear Diary,

Guess who arrived at my door today.

Al little boy named William, i was not so sure keeping him at my house because i did not want to get too attached to him maybe because i was scared of loosing him too..

Willie is a scared, shy young boy,he arrived looking poorly dressed.His mother gave him a letter and a bag,when i read the letter i was absolutely horrified!No affection from his mum.

I went through the bag and i was disgusted, finding a belt at the bottom of the bag.I couldn’t believe that she would ever think of hitting a young child.That poor boy is so skinny like he has never touched food before.

I found out that he is scared of squirrels and sammy,poor boy.

I hope he settles down and becomes comfortable around me.



I was bewildered this bright and early Sunday morning when i saw a handful of sickly-looking kids at my door,there was this lady amongst them who said they were evacuated from london, she then walked off to hand them out to the rest of the people in Little Weirworld.

Ever since that ghostly-looking boy arrived i haven’t had a second of my own time. Ive witnessed multiple multi-coloured bruises all over his pale skinny body.

Hes very apprehensive; the boys scared of a squirrel!i went to search in his bag and saw a belt, soap, one spare pair of clothing and a letter wich read to whom it may concern i unsealed the letter hastily anxious to what information that i was about to receive.

“Dear sir or madam,

I asked if willie could go and stay with god fearing people so i hope he is.Like most boys he is full of sin but hes promised to be good. I cant visit him. I am a widow and i haven’t got the money. The war and that. I’ve put the belt in for when hes bad and i’ve sown him in for the winter. I usually keep him in for when i wash his clothes and i got them specially for the cold weather he should be alright. Tell him his mum said be good

Mrs Beech.”

His mum beat him?im worried for when he has to go back home;i wonder if he will be better staying with me.



Dear Diary,

At last I get to write in my diary. When Willie arrived at my door, he looked poorly clad, I welcomed him in, opened his bag, and I was so shocked that there was a belt and a note saying if Willie is bad beat him up with the belt I packed, I was furious.

I am really worried about Willie because I might become to attached to him and he has to leave me and I’ll be obliterated with sadness.

Sometimes I wonder he might be better off with me.



Ever since that boy arrived, I barely had any time to write this diary.

Willie arrived last Sunday. He was assigned to me by the billeting officer who was slightly harassed looking. Willie arrived looking a sickly pale colour with dull grey eyes, with limp sandy hair and poorly dressed clothes.

I was so shocked when I saw the big colourful bruises all over his skinned body, it definitely wasn’t normal.

When I read the letter from his Mother I felt disbelief as I would never dream of hitting a child. Yes I believe in discipline, but I wouldn’t hit a child with a belt.

I feel worried about Willie, him and his colourful bruises because of how skinny he is, sometimes I wonder if he would be better off with me and not his biological Mother.



Dear diary

At last, I have time to put pen to paper. Ever since William beech (willie) arrived at my house. I was worried about him, worried that he’d be afraid of leaving home. I didn’t particularly want to look after him but it was obligatory. Willie is a poorly dressed boy who came looking sad and upset.

When Willie arrived I knew not to become fond of the boy because i loved Rachel and my son but I lost them .I knew that William would have ro go eventually. I was so shocked when I found the belt and bruises all over him. The boy had his trousers and vest sewn together for the winter.



Dear diary,

This boy came to my house looking petrified. I was so shocked when I saw the letter from the boy’s mum. The letter said that his name is willie and that if he was naughty he needed a wipe from the belt.willie is a 8 year old boy who had bruises all over his body and he tries to cover them.

I am not going to bond with the boy since my wife and baby passed. Willie is very poorly dressed. ‘I am so worried for willie for when he goes home, willie would be better with me. I feel so scared for willie because he is bruised by his mum (Mrs Beech.) Willie is a very good boy.



Dear diary,

I was surprised on one morning when i heard a knock at the door so i swung the door open,to find a short lady with a skinny boy behind her.She forced me to take the evacuated,skinny boy,now i’m stuck with him i saw him staring at me,about to faint,he never talks,hes shy and now im worried if i will screw up.Im just not use to this mothering,i’ve already lost two of my favourite people.

He also came with a bag,a bag half empty(his mom did not pack well)It came with the

Essentials;at the bottom though was a letter and a thing i am so surprised of, a belt.Willie the (the kids name) made me find out why the mom packed a belt, when he pulled down his sock it looked as blue as the sea.The letter said exactly what i thought,he was smacked by the belt.

I’ve never been so gobsmacked and angry before,if I ever hit him for a sin he has done,it shall never be a belt,the most damage I would do will be with the back of my hand.

I know he will go one day(that’s why im not trying to get fond of the boy)but i cant imagine how he will survive if he gets beaten every time he talks at his home.



Dear diary,

Since the day that hesitant,ill-looking bay came to my door I have felt a slight connection with him. In the past few days I have found that this boy is extremely mistreated and from then on I have started to become fond of William.

At the bottom of his bag there was a belt. I was confused out of my mind because his mum had stitched him up for the winter. But I soon came to the conclusion that when Wiliam interrupted or misbehaved he would get beat (I found this out by having seen a sock slide away from William`s body revealing a large multi-coloured bruise on his shin.

Best not grow fond of the boy. He is also badly treated in other ways alswell for example he is never let outside, he is barely fed and bathed and he has slept on a wooden floor for his whole entire life until the point when he came into my house. As a result of not being let outside much he was scared of everything e.g. dogs, birds and even squirrels. Yesterday was the first day he got into bed ; he was so grateful he started crying.

Sometimes I wonder if he might want to stay here in my house; at home he is hit, not fed much and not let outside but here I am kind to him, I feed him and he is let outside whenever he wants. I feel very lonely sometimes but no, I must not grow fond of the boy.



Dear Diary,

I have been thrust into caring a ten year old boy called Willam Beech, who is a London

evacuee.When he arrived on my doorstep with the local, harassed looking Billeting Officer.

He was sickly pale and very poorly clad.

When he entered my cottage he was enormously nervous like he thought it would collapse upon him.

Reality soon revealed that was a physically abused child with bruises, sores and weals to prove it. In

His bag was a letter which showed absolutely no affection towards Willie.

In that bag there was all usual things such as a toothbrush and three pairs of socks but there was

another object that stunned me. It was a brown leather belt with a steel buckle. It had a label on it

saying ‘For when he’s bad.’ I was shocked that the belt was included so that Wille could be hit

by it. I told him feeling choked that if I was going to hit him I would use the skin back of my


In the bag there was also a decrepit bible and in the letter it told Willie to remember to read the bible

and to remember to recite his prayers. It is clear that he’s part of a religious family. Last night when I

was reading him Noah’s Ark he was hypnotized. He doesn’t seem to read to back in London. I really

want to do my best to care for him.




Sometimes I wonder if the greatest people come into my life and then disappear like that. Since the boy arrived on my doorstep, I have started to grow fond of him, even though I shouldn’t. He will have to go back at some point.

The letter his mother sent showed no affection at all, and said that she included the belt.

She beat him.

I was shocked.

If I were to hit a child it would be with bear skin on the back of my hand.

I feel worried about Willie but there is nothing I can do.

He arrived looking poorly clad and all he had was a paper bag.

The more I look at the boy the more he reminds me of Rachel.