Year Four: Our Trip to West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village

On Tuesday, we enriched our History learning about the Anglo-Saxons by going to West Stow. After quite a long coach journey, we arrived in Suffolk and were ready to start the day!

We went to explore the village first. This is where historians have experimented with how they believe Anglo-Saxons would have lived. As a result, there were several replica buildings, all different to work out which was most likely. After a while, we were gathered in the hall for a question and answer session. In Anglo-Saxon times, the hall is where communities would have gathered for lots of different purposes, one being to share stories like ‘Beowulf’. In this session, we found out that Anglo-Saxon buildings would be built with its long wall facing south in order to allow the most sunlight through the doors. We enjoyed meeting Apple and Acorn, the pig residents!

After lunch, we looked around the museum. There was lots to read and do – some of us made the most of the dressing up box! We also had the opportunity to handle some Anglo-Saxon artefacts. We had to work as a group to find out what the artefact was and how it was used before presenting our findings to the class.

To end the day, we enjoyed time in the playground before heading back home on the coach.