Year Four: English – Biscuit Bear Children’s Books

In the Autumn term, we studied the children’s book ‘Biscuit Bear’. We looked at how the author, Mini Grey, made the story interactive by the typography as well as the language used. Our learning journey built on our writing skills, lesson by lesson, so that we were able to write some brilliant ‘Biscuit Bear’ stories of our own. After the drafting process, we spent time turning our stories in our English books into real books with a front cover and blurb. In order to ensure our books were put to good use, we spent time in Year One today reading to them; it was lovely to see how much they enjoyed our stories. 

Here is our Star of the Week, Shraddha, telling her ‘Biscuit Bear’ story (her creative ideas, accuracy of writing and execution of presentation earned her Star of the Week):

Part One
Part Two

Here is a closer look at some of our creative pages: