Year Four: DT – Spooky Pop-ups!

We began our unit on ‘Spooky Pop-ups’ by doing some primary research about how pop-up books work. We looked at lots of different books and considered the target audience based on the content as well as how the different mechanisms work; for some you had to pull or fold something, for others all that was needed was for the reader to turn and open the page.

After our primary research, it was time for us to plan our own pop-ups using three mechanisms: simple box, slider and v-fold. We practised these lots; some were much more fiddly than others!

On Monday and Tuesday, it was time for us to bring our visions to life! We carefully created the mechanisms before decorating the pages and adding our spooky story. Here are a few pages from our finished products:

Have a look at Eva’s amazing complete pop-up below:

Enjoy Alice’s story:

To finish the unit, we evaluated our final products. We decided which page was our favourite and how we would improve our product if we were to make it again. It was very important that we put our products to use so we had a lovely Friday afternoon sharing our stories with Year One.