Year Four: Art – People in Motion

Just before half-term, we had two Art days focussing on ‘People in Motion’.

We started off with the basic framework and construction lines – mapping out the head, torso and hips. Once we had understood the proportions, we were able to add lines for the legs and arms with circles as the joints. This required us to have a growth mindset as our first sketches tended to need more precision. Below you can see the learning process with lots of sketching attempts!

Next, we used our understanding of construction lines to sketch stick figures either running, walking, playing tennis or performing a long jump. Sketching a series of figures to represent a fluid movement supported us with our understanding of how all parts of the body move when performing an action.

To finish our unit, we chose images from mood boards we had created to have a go at recreating using the skills we had built up over the two days. Have a look below at some of our pieces: