Year Four and Five: Poem Recital

To kick off our week celebrating National Poetry Day (Thursday 5th October), we have learnt about the inspiration behind Michael Rosen’s poetry book ‘On the Move: Poems About Migration’. To support our learning, we did some research before this lesson to gain a better understanding of what a refugee is and listened to some stories from children who have had to leave their homes to find safety.

‘On the Move: Poems About Migration’ begins with a note from Michael Rosen:

Poetry is the migrant: it travels.

Poetry is the witness: it listens.

Poetry is the survivor: it lasts.

After watching a video of Michael Rosen reading a few of his featured poems, we learnt to recite ‘On The Move Again’. Both of our classes came up with our own, unique recital and then we came together at the end to perform for each other.

We hope you enjoy our recitals: