Year 6 Welcome Letter

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope that you have all had a very good break and welcome back to a new term and Year 6 at Skyswood! Firstly, we would like to thank you for your very generous gifts and cards from yourselves and the children. They made a lovely   start to the summer, and Mrs. Morrish greatly enjoyed her shopping spree. The letter below will outline what we are covering this term.  If you have any questions, please feel free to come and talk to me at any point!

In English this term, we will begin with a unit on Explanation Texts.  Here, the children will learn how to write a text entitled ‘How Britain were able to win World War 2’ which will link with our History topic. This topic will be followed by a unit entitled ‘Stories from an Imaginary World’ based on the book and film ‘Coraline’. Our final unit of the term will be a poetry unit. Each week the children’s spellings around a particular spelling rule.  Spellings related to this rule will be given out on Monday and will be tested on Friday.  We will also be doing Times Tables against the clock every Friday and your children will choose a table to learn each week.  For those who have completed their times tables, a new mental maths home learning strategy has been launched.  Guided Reading will be done on a rotational group basis, meaning that each group will have more time to read and study longer books. Children will be required to read for at least half an hour every week at home, and will be asked to get their homework diary signed to show they have done this.

During Maths we will start with the topic of ‘ratio’, and then move on to ‘angles’, ‘fractions’ and ‘algebra’. Every Friday we will have an investigation/puzzle-solving lesson and every Monday we will have a lesson focussed on both the mental and written methods that the children will need for the arithmetic part of their SATS papers.

The children will study two topics this term in Science – ‘Light’ and ‘The Human Body’.  In History we will be covering World War 2 which will link to Music, Art, Dance and English!  Music lessons will be taught be Mrs. Salway, French by Mrs. Cheshire and Computing by Mrs. Morrish.  

The children will have two PE lessons in school every week. These will usually take place on a Tuesday and Friday afternoon. One of these lessons will usually take place outside and children are encouraged to bring in trousers, jumpers, underlayers and gloves when the weather starts to become cold.  Our first outdoor unit will be Basketball, and indoors we will cover Volleyball and Dance. 

Homework will be related to class work, and may be set on a variety of different subjects. It will be set on Friday and due in on Wednesday.

In order to prepare the children for secondary school we will be strictly enforcing the need to hand in homework on time, look after their belongings and bring in the correct equipment for lessons. The children have been given stationary for the year which is now their responsibility, and PE kit logs as well as homework completion and diary checks will be recorded to ensure the children get into a routine.

Thank you to those who helped with reading last year.  Our reading slots are Monday and Tuesday between 9am and 9.40am. If anyone would like to help with listening to children read then please let me know!

Outside of the classroom, our class trip this term will be to Duxford. Boys’ Football will take place on a Thursday, with Girls’ Football on a Tuesday. Netball is on a Monday, and Table Tennis Club will be available on a Tuesday lunchtime.

Yours sincerely,

Mr David Oswin and Mrs Teresa Morrish