Year 5’s trip to Tower of London

On Friday the 10th of June, Year 5 had a fantastic school trip to Tower of London.

As part of our curriculum in History we have been debating about who killed the sons of Edward the 4th. History tells us that the princes have spent their last days in Tower of London. In line with this we had planned our school trip to Tower of London.

The children had an amazing day.

We would like to say a big Thank you to all the parents who were able to join us on this trip and helped us to get there and back safely on the train. We hope they had as much fun as the children.

How the day went from Rosie’s an Nick’s eyes…..

Year Five’s Tower of London trip

On Friday 10th of June, Year 5 went to the Tower of London. We had to be extremely
responsible, as it was the first time Skyswood has ever been on train as a class. The day before,
we had a long discussion with Mr Jones about being sensible on the trip. We also split into
groups, so one adult was responsible for each group. Once we got off the train, we walked
along the River Thames – a beautiful view! We were bursting with excitement, full of energy.
After a bit of walking, we arrived at the Tower of London! There were many places to go, a lot
of us arguing on where to go first! Our group went to see the Crowned Jewels, Thomas Moore’s
jail cell and more! We got to see ravens, the change of the guard and even took amazing
images of us enjoying ourselves and just generally having fun. But it was soon time to go home, which
was sad for all of us because we loved it there! But we eventually left, and got back on the
train. Where most of the children started to annoy the adults. Luckily, everyone got back to St
Albans, and no one got left at the train station in London! It was one of the best school trips,
and all of us had a lot of fun there.



On the 10th of June Year 5 went to the Tower of London. The school trip to the Tower was spectacular and well managed since it was the first time pupils from Skyswood School had been transported on a train. Everyone got there safely, we walked around seeing some amazing sights of London, such as the HMS Belfast as we walked across the River Thames, the Bloody Tower, all the flowers that were planted for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and of course the Tower of London. We all had an amazing time seeing Henry VIII armor, finding out where Anne Boleyn got decapitated with a sword and even getting a golden coin they used in the Tudor era to keep in our classroom, so I think I can talk for everyone in Year 5 when I say this: Everyone had a SUPER time.

-Nicholas Vaughan