Year 5 – What’s been happening this week?

Written by Elliot and Chris

Monday 7th March

Today we did a reading test and we did an investigation on separating solids. At the end of the day, we wrote down our spellings for the week.

Tuesday 8th March

Today we did a maths test and looked at our scores for our reading test. We started learning about fractions in maths.

Wednesday 9th March

Today we were studying settings for our myths and legends topic. We needed to use our senses, metaphors and personification and not telling but showing.

Thursday 10th March

Today we did guided reading and we learnt about fractions. We looked at the story of St George and the Dragon. In the afternoon, the swimmers went to a trial for a gala. Meanwhile we did research on Ancient Egypt. After that, we went on a coding program called Scratch.

Friday 11th March

In the morning we had a guided reading session, and then we practised adding and subtracting fractions. Then we created a mind map on our own legend. In the afternoon we handed out our homework sheets. Finally, we did a Spelling test.