Year 4 – What’s been happening this week?

By Aaron Ch and Chloe

Monday 12th November

On Monday we all had great fun.   Before assembly we did some maths on the computers.  Then we had assembly.  After that we did literacy and wrote our own newspaper article followed by maths.  We then had lunch.  Next we did science and we made our own land for our toys.   Then we did music.


Tuesday 13th November

Tuesday was also fun too.   We had a spelling test first of all.   Secondly we had assembly.   Then we did reading.   After that we had playtime and then maths.   Before lunch we played  around the world.   Eventually we had lunch.


Wednesday 14th November

First of all we did reading. Secondly it was literacy then playtime. We then did maths. Our tummy’s started to rumble so we had lunch. After a delicious lunch we did French and then swimming. We came back from Sandringham school (where we go swimming) then we walked home.


Thursday 15th November

Today we did dance in the hall.  It was then assembly time so we went in the hall again after we had finished getting changed. Thirdly we did literacy and then we had a bit of fresh air at playtime and then we did maths. It was time for lunch and it was too delicious to waste a crumb. In the afternoon we did history about the Romans and we were going to make a class book. It was three fifteen and that was home time so we went home.


Friday 16th November

It is an exciting day today because the whole school has to dress up as a character from a book. It is the end of book week today and it has been an exciting week this week. First we got new home work to do and we shared the homework we had already done. After that we had assembly then maths and then playtime. Next we did literacy and had lunch. In the afternoon we finished off our history and the last thing we did of the good day was go on the computers and of course we went home.