Year 4 – What’s been happening this week?

By Henry and Jessica

Monday 6th May

We did not go to school because it was a bank holiday!




Tuesday 7th May

We had spellings, maths and a fun literacy lesson in the morning, as well as geography doing about rivers and PE in the afternoon!

Also, 4 of the eggs in the library hatched!


Wednesday 8th May

This morning, 3 more eggs hatched and we had are normal lessons maths and literacy though we didn’t have assembly.

In the afternoon we did science for 10 minutes then did some French with Mrs Cohen and then carried on with our science until home time.


Thursday 9th May

This morning we did a quick bit of science doing a quiz on solids and liquids. Then we did some reading for a while.  We also didn’t have assembly today. We then did literacy with Mrs. Woollard. After play we did some more science again with Mrs. Woolard then it was lunch.

In the afternoon we had a maths test and a fun PE lesson.


Friday 10th May

Year 1 did their assembly at 9:05am which was enjoyable and when it finished we
did some literacy before playtime. We then did our spellings and went through
our homework before lunch.

After lunch, we had an art lesson where we sketched strings with knots and then we did a fun ICT lesson doing emails before home time.