Year 4 at Bhaktivedanta Manor

On Thursday 22nd November, Year 4 went to Bhaktivedanta Manor to learn about Hinduism. When we got inside, the first thing we had to do was take our shoes off as a sign of respect.

The first room we entered was special because we were greeted by a Hindu teacher, named Prabhupada. Finn, Josh and Leo got dressed up as gods. Finn was Lord Brahma, and he had four heads so he could look in all four directions. Leo was Lord Shiva, whatever he looked at was destroyed, he also held a drum and was married to Parvitie. Josh was Lord Vishnu, who had four arms. In those arms he held a club to show his strength. Some of the girls dressed up as Parvitie (Millie), Lakshmi (Katie) and Sarasuati (Tilly). When the girls came in we either shook maracas or jingled bells.


After that, we went to feed the bulls and cow. We were told that everybody who works at the Manor carries a bag of 108 beads. They carry these because Krishna had 108 closest friends.

We then walked back into the shrine to eat our lunch. We had a vegetarian curry called paneer, made mainly of peas and small blocks of cheese. After lunch, we had our faces painted, we mainly chose from flame lightning bolts or floral patterns. We then went to the George Harrison gardens to search for quotes and lyrics that he had written. It was a fantastic day and we all learnt a lot of things about Hinduism and Bhaktivedanta Manor.

Recount by William.