Year 3 visit Celtic Harmony

We went back to the Stone Age on Friday 24th February. Year 3 visited Celtic Harmony where our guide took us through some exciting Stone Age experiences. He showed us how fire would have been started using the friction method. It was quite exhilarating to see the small puff of smoke become an ember and then with a little oxygen, become a flame. We were then taken into the woods where we were given the opportunity to build our own shelters using Hazel sticks, brush and leaves. After this, we went on a hunter-gatherer expedition. We searched out what food the Stone Age people may have eaten and then went to test our spear throwing by hunting a giant wooly mammoth. This all gave us a healthy appetite ready for lunch.

Once we had filled our hungry bellies, we learnt about trading goods in prehistoric times. This was before money was used and so the children were trading with wood, fur, goat horns, shells and hammer stones. A quick trip to the gift shop was swiftly followed by a lesson in tool making. Our guide showed us how pieces of flint were broken off a bigger piece which could then be used to sharpen and cut, and how other tools would have been used. He kindly gave us a piece to bring back to the classroom. Our day ended with making kale soup. Kale was crushed using a muddling stick and herbs such as lavender and thyme were added. We were not given the opportunity to try our soup but the round house smelled amazing with all the wonderful aromas of crushed herbs.

A tired but happy Year 3 returned to St Albans with lots of new memories. We would like to thank Celtic Harmony for such an informative and fun day. We would also like to thank Mrs Hodgkiss and Mr Knowles for accompanying us on our trip.

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