Year 2 Spring Term

Welcome back. We hope you all had a lovely holiday. It has been great to see all the children raring to go in 2012! This post will tell you about what we will be learning this term.


We are beginning with reading and writing information texts. This will be closely linked to our History and Science topics. After half term, we will be exploring Traditional Tales culminating with the children writing their own tale with a twist.


We are returning to aspects of number relating to place value and strategies for mental addition and subtraction. Following this, we will be exploring shape and symmetry within 2D shapes.


Our term’s focus is research. We will be using a variety of websites and considering whether some sources are more reliable than others.


Our topics for this term will be forces and movement, and making circuits.


This half term, we are learning about The Great Fire of London. We will be investigating what caused the fire to start and why it spread for so long. As part of the unit, the children will be learning about what an eye witness is as we find out about Samuel Pepys.

Do have a look at our list of recommended websites to support the children’s learning.