Year 2 bring Florence Nightingale back to life!

Our Year 2 children enjoyed a fantastic day earlier this week with their ‘History off the Page Florence Nightingale Day.’ The children learnt about the dreadful conditions during the Crimean War and the fantastic work at the Scutari Hospital in Istanbul. The whole class (and parent and teacher helpers) dressed up for the occasion and enjoyed a series of role play  activities, alongside the  opportunity to make pill boxes for the soldiers’ medicines, candle holders, medals and lockets. The class also enjoyed writing letters of application for various posts.  Afternoon role plays explored the importance of gardeners, maids and kitchen workers. Everybody was busy cooking, cleaning, washing and     beating the laundry. All in all, it was an outstanding day. We would like to thank all of the parent helpers who enabled the    children to take part in such a wide range of activities. There is a lovely Florence Nightingale Photo Gallery featured on page 9 of the January newsletter.