Year 1’s Alban Trip

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Firstly, I just wanted to say how well all the children behaved on the trip today, they really were role models for the school. They answered all the questions very sensibly and showed lots of intuitive thinking as we hadn’t learnt anything about St. Alban before we went. We had an amazing time and we learnt lots of new facts about St Alban and the cathedral – did you know it costs £5,000 a day to run the cathedral?

The day was swapped around and so we made our beautiful mosaics first thing in the morning. They all had to plan their pattern first on a piece of white paper before they got to grout them down.  They felt like artists! After our hard work on our Mosaics, we all had a very well deserved lunch together.

After lunch, we split into two halves and did the St Alban trail, every child dressed up as a character in the story. There was Amphibalus (Chrisitian Priest), Alban (he wasn’t a Saint until he died), the Magistrate, executioner, soldiers, slave buyers, slave sellers and of course the slaves themselves. They really enjoyed acting out the story and hopefully they will be able to tell you what part they played. It really was such a lovely trip.

Thank you for all providing them with a packed lunch and water.

As ever, if you have any questions please feel free to come in and see me, my door is always open.

Kind regards,

Miss Upton

James wearing a galea (a Roman helmet!)
Declan popping his head over the huge scutum (Roman shield)
Alban (dressed as Amphibalus) being taken to be executed!