Winter Trees

We have received some fabulous pictures of watercolour paintings and photographs of winter trees as a result of last week’s Tuesday Art Club. one of the key worker bubbles also had a go at winter trees in acrylic (on canvas) and our Year 6 class have been looking at painting a variety of trees in watercolours (not just winter ones). Here are a few examples;

Iris has used paint superbly to define the larger branches and smaller twigs against her wintry background.
Charlotte’s bold tree stands out against her candy-floss pink background.
Anton used a style of his own, with the moon shining against a vibrant blue sky. Wow Anton, this would have made a magnificent Christmas card design!
Amelie’s wonderful tree stands out against the striking primary colours of the background.
Freddie’s fabulous picture of winter trees shows a great sense of perspective, with the sharp foreground and trees sloping off into the distance.
Megan, Hannah and Daniel made their winter trees stand out against the brilliant blue backgrounds.
Grace with her bold branches and shadowy blue foreground.
Matty with his stunning silhouette against the wintry sky.
Reuben used a sunrise/sunset background to contrast with his winter tree.
Thomas painted a tree with eerie branches reaching out into the sky.
Daisy’s tree has an elegant symmetry.

Eleanor’s tree silhouette stands out brilliantly against a colourfully layered sky.
Leo’s watercolour has splashes of spring blossom; something that I’m sure we’ll all be looking forward to!
James has taken great care to paint strong branches against a purple sky and a beautiful blue foreground.
Annabel has used colour very effectively in strong vertical strokes to suggest the texture of the trunk and branches.
Emma has produced a beautiful seasonal calendar of trees.
Hina’s tree has the candy floss colour of spring blossom.
Matilda’s tree has a wonderful wormy network of branches.
Olivia’s winter fur has stunning stroke work in a selection of greens, browns, and bluey-greens.
William’s wonderfully observed tree has an intricate network of branches.
Willow’s winter fir is truly atmospheric. Her beautiful use of watercolour adds a misty feel to the picture.

Here’s one of Daniel’s photos. He’s taken it from a really interesting angle that gives a tremendous feeling of height and power. Well done Daniel!

Daniel’s second photo is very different, showing a really tight cluster of thick branches!

Charlie’s photo captures the wonderful texture of the bark and the twisty nature of the branches as they reach towards the sky. These would be great trees on a dark night with a full moon in a mythical woods!
Here’s Charlie organising himself and really getting to grips with his winter tree picture.

Charlie used the ‘tree-square’ as a helpful guide!

And here’s Charlie’s finished picture. He has painted a strong, bold tree and there’s plenty of energy in the lovely strokes that he’s used to paint the prickly branches!

Hannah’s photo captures the flowing, wispy nature of the weeping willow.

Hannah’s second photo features a bird in the uppermost branches!

In contrast to her weeping willow picture, Hannah has taken a photo of a very sturdy, powerful tree from a really interesting angle. The thick, twisty branches shoot out in all directions.

Claire’s picture has the strong network of branches, lovely tapering shape of the trunk and subtle wintery colours for her background.

Rose and Jack are pictured here with their wispy wintery trees, both of which have beautifully coloured backgrounds.

A lovely, decorative maze of branches and some cheerful additional details to finish Jack’s picture off nicely!

Rose has a proud vertical tree with tiny clusters of twigs at the end of the branches. The silhouette stands out perfectly against the pinky purple background.

Megan’s first picture captures the feathery branches of a weeping willow.

In Megan’s second picture a robin features amid the tangle of branches!

Grace with her spidery winter tree in acrylics
Matty’s bold winter tree stands out against his wintery background
Reuben’s included some shadowy blues and purples along with a sunset sky.
Thomas has branches that are reaching out towards the sky.
Daisy’s tree has an elegant symmetry as it reaches towards the sky.
Eleanor’s tree is striking against her colourful, layered background.