Welcome to the Summer term

Dear Parents,

I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter break and a very happy Ramadan too. We are very lucky to have the wonderful Mrs Fox back all day every day for this term – we have missed her!

All of the children have been brilliant since they have been back and we have planned a very fun-filled summer term for your child’s last term in Year 1!

We are planning a joint school trip with Year 2 and we will let you update with further details about this. I know it will be their first school trip which is really exciting!

Reading books will continue to be changed on a Monday and a Thursday morning. PE lessons remain on a Thursday and Friday so please ensure your child wears their PE kit to school and that they have sensible foot wear. Show and Tell will continue to be on a rota basis on a Friday which I have sent via Parent Mail (successfully this time I hope!).

Your children were all assessed in RWInc at the end of last term and they have all been assigned to a new RWInc group which they have joined this week. They will be given spellings every Friday which will be tested the following Friday. The first spelling test will be on Friday 23rd April.

In English this half term, we are focusing on traditional tales and fairy tales. We will look at re-telling the tales, sequencing, identifying the characteristics of the characters and settings. Following this, the children will write their very own tale. In the second half term, we will focus on non-chronological reports (which links in with their History topic), poetry and vocabulary.

In Maths this half term, we will look at recapping more than / less than and dienes (which I am sure you are all very familiar with now). In addition, we will learn about coins and coin combinations, counting & number patterns and measuring. In the second half term we will look at multiplication and division (and arrays), time (which will be a recap), fractions, place value and we will ensure that everything has been covered and identify any gaps and work on consolidating these topics.

In Science, we are observing the germination of our broad beans (which were planted this week) and learning the names for some parts of the plant. Thank you very much for providing your child with their glass jar.

In Geography, they will be investigating the local area and within this topic they will do a local walk, post their very own letters, understand and identify where they live on a map.

In History, we will learn about families and about old vs new.

In their Computing topic they continue to work on graphs and purple mash.

In Design and Technology we will be doing one of my favourite topics ‘Pizza’! The children have tasted different breads from around the world and they will also try different types of pizza and of course design, create, make and eat their own pizza!

 In Art, we will learn about ‘Mark making’ which involves using lots of different types of materials to identify different patterns they make. In this topic we will also look at Jackson Pollock and they will make their very own Jackson Pollock inspired canvas – which always look amazing!

In PE, we will focus on gymnastics (including the climbing frame) and bench ball (including throwing and catching).

In PSHE, we will look at the ‘Relationships’ and ‘Changing me’ topics.

In RE, we will learn about the Islamic festival of Ramadan and understand what a Shabbat is and why it is important in Judaism.

We hope your child continues to have a wonderful and fun time in Year 1. If you have any questions, concerns or queries please email me on kupton@skyswood.herts.sch.uk.

Best wishes,

Miss Upton and Mrs Fox

SubjectAreaActivities / skills they will learn
EnglishTraditional tales / fairy tales
Non chronological reports
Vocabulary and grammar
Sequencing, freeze frames and role play
Writing their own tale
Structuring and making sense of information
Recognising and using predictable patterns in their own writing
Being able to identify mistakes
MathsCoins and combinations
Counting and recognising patterns
Measuring Multiplication and division
Fractions (including shape)
Place value
Recapping and consolidation  
Using different resources to understand addition
Methods of different types of calculation
Identify patterns
SciencePlants and growingUnderstanding what makes a plant grow
Observing and drawing scientifically accurate diagrams which are labelled
ICTWord processing
Using Purple mash
Reviewing, editing and presenting work
Using the Internet to conduct searches to support investigations
HistoryFamilies – Old versus newStructuring and making sense of information
Comparing now to different periods of time
GeographyOur local communityInvestigating the local area
Go on a local walk
Post their very own letters
Understand and identify where they live on a map
Bench ball
Using equipment safely
Evaluating performance
Skills and techniques, such as throwing and catching
Rules of games
Design and TechnologyPizzaTaste different breads from around the world
Taste and evaluate different types of pizza Design, create, make and eat their own pizza!
Evaluating their own pizza
Changing me
To understand what relationships we have and how to have appropriate relationships
To understand when we grow we change
Religious EducationIslamic faith
Learn about the Muslim festival of Ramadan
To understand what the Shabbat is and why it is important