Visit From Police Community Support Officers

Nursery Friends joined Reception Friends to welcome two police community support officers into Nursery. PCO Chris explained that the police are there to help people and to help keep us safe. He showed us his walkie talkie, body camera to record anyone who might have thrown rubbish on the floor and his police card. 

He explained that they wear bright yellow reinforced jackets because it is the brightest colour and it is important for people to be able to see the officers if they need them. They also wear big strong boots for lots of walking.

The police force has lots of different vehicles which they use for different purposes. They have police cars, police bikes, police helicopters, police motorbikes and police vans. PCO Chris explained that police helicopters are equipped with super cameras which help find people. 

The police force also uses some animals to help with the work it does. For example, police officers will ride police horses when there are large crowds so that they can separate the crowd. They are also easier to see when they are high up on a horse. The police force also uses two types of police dog. They use German shepherds because they are fast, strong, obedient and very clever. The other type of dog that the force uses are sniffer dogs to help sniff out baddies.