Summer Fair Competitions

Summer Fair Competitions

Our School Council have suggested five different competitions linked to this year’s Summer Fair on         Saturday 17th June. The competitions are open to all children (from Nursery to Year 6!) so hopefully there’s something that will appeal to everyone.

The theme for this year’s Summer Fair is Cartoon World.

Fancy Dress Parade

Cartoon World lends itself to dressing up with similar scope as World Book Day. From Dennis the Menace to Scooby Doo,  Disney princesses, smurfs, Shrek or Sponge Bob Square Pants… Simply choose your favourite cartoon character and dress up for the day. We are planning a grand parade and there will be some fantastic prizes for the most creative fancy dress costumes!

Cartoon Character Cake

We will be holding our traditional cake making competition and all of the cakes will be proudly put out on display in the school hall. Cartoon World is a great theme for making a cake, you could do one with a friend or choose to make one together as a family… Let The Great Skyswood Summer Fair Bake Off begin!

Create Your Own Cartoon Character

The key here is to make this your own cartoon character rather than just produce a lovely drawing of      Donald Duck or Wallace and Gromit!  You could simply draw a   picture, or produce a painting or collage, or even make a 3D model of your cartoon creation. Remember to give your character a well considered name.

Cartoon Impressionist

For those children who love the chance to take to the stage we have a competition for budding               impressionists!  Can you impersonate Scooby Doo? Donald Duck? Shrek? Or any other cartoon characters. The ‘Magic Minute’ Competition challenges you to present ONE MINUTE of cartoon impressions. The top ten impressionists will be given a minute on stage to perform in front of our Summer Fair audience!

Animation Trailer

Can you produce a TWO MINUTE cartoon trailer for a full length feature?  Imagine your own cartoon       characters, and a story that could be made into a full length feature cartoon. i-Player or other apps that support animation could provide the perfect platform to express your creativity. As well as some fabulous prizes, all of the trailers will be played during the Summer Fair so that they can be enjoyed by a wider audience.