Straw and Order!

Congratulations to our Year 3 and Year 4 children on their highly entertaining performances of Straw and Order, a humorous play that started out with a major argument between the cows and the donkeys over their stable rights. The case was taken to court where Judge Bridle struggled initially to find an amicable    solution. All ended well, and a solution was eventually found as everyone was welcome and eager to        celebrate the birth of Jesus. The children performed superbly, enjoying  a wide range of songs and even managing to introduce a spaceman into the Nativity story, providing the opportunity for numerous solo lines and duets in ‘A Spaceman came Travelling.’ From the initial scene in the courtroom to busy Bethlehem, a quiz show featuring three well known ’Wise Men’, trendy shepherds  up in the hills, and finishing off of course in the stable, the children acted out their parts brilliantly and sang beautifully. Well done to everybody for their fantastic efforts and performances.