Stars of the Week- Week ending Friday 8th September 2023

Year 1- Amelie

For her positive attitude to learning; listening carefully to others, showing respect for her peers and always giving 100%.

Year 2- Elliot

For his outstanding efforts across all areas of learning, really giving things a go and showing increasing confidence and independence as the week has progressed.

Year 3-Max G

For his wonderful growth mindset and resilience when faced with a challenge.

Year 4- Sara

For her fantastic attitude to learning and positive contributions to the class discussion, identifying that we all have ‘rights’ with respect to our learning, but they also come with ‘responsibilities.’

Year 5- Arth

For his passion for learning, always challenging himself and showing great levels of self-motivation. He has also created an amazing AI resource (called Study Buddy) basing his first study area on the Year 5 Geography topic of Brazil.

Year 6 – Olivia

For her kindness to others and her willingness to support others with their learning in maths.