Stars of the Week- Week ending Friday 7th July

Some of our teachers have chosen TWO stars for this week as we did not have our Star of the Week assemblies over the past two weeks, due to INSET Day and our Sports Day last Friday.


Ariana: For he bubbly character, always including everybody in the play, always being kind and friendly.

Valarie: For her love of the creative area, some brilliant pieces of art this term, and her incredible interest in origami.


Monty: For his super role of Dingo, learning all his lines and acting with such confidence and charisma.

Year 1:

Baani: For her wonderful behaviour and enthusiasm on the trip to Willows Farm; an absolute role model.

Year 2:

Rupert: For his wonderful positivity, speaking so enthusiastically about the forthcoming move and looking forward to the opportunities and changes that lie ahead.

Year 3:

Ibrahim: For his fabulous motivational speech!

Oliver: For his significant improvements in creative writing; listening carefully to advice and capturing the key features of a set genre (as with his recent newspaper report!)

Year 4:

Ana and Alma: For their incredible help going back to our Summer Fair (This is our first Stars week since then). The two girls were such a help throughout the course of the day!

Year 5:

Annabel E and Anika: For their consistent helpfulness and kindness to those around them.

Year 6:

Mia and Rosie: For their exceptional efforts in learning so many lines in their role as Kitty, as well as ‘nailing’ a ‘surprise additional song!’