Stars of the Week- Week ending Friday 3rd March



For always being willing to ‘give things a go’ and showing a fantastic attitude to all areas of learning.



For using his phonics knowledge to support his independent writing and making fabulous progress with his maths.

Year 1


For his excellent efforts with handwriting and presentation, including his maths presentation (where he has tried really hard to ensure that his numbers are kept within the squares of the exercise book).

Year 2


For her outstanding writing, showing evidence of addressing all aspects of the ‘success criteria.’ Also, for her cheerful disposition and wonderful enthusiasm for all aspects of learning.

Year 3


For her superb annotated illustration of Boudicca.

Year 4

James P

For his outstanding writing arising from the ‘Coming to England’ stimulus, inspired by his love of reading and enriched through some inspirational illustrations.

Year 5


For showing resilience when necessary, and for her superb efforts in all areas, including her genuine passion for all things creative and artistic.

Year 6


For being such an excellent role model, reflecting intelligently on his learning and making great progress as a result of his efforts.