Stars of the Week- Week ending Friday 26th April

Nursery- David

For his excellent efforts with busy fingers activities, such as cutting and sorting, along with his attitude to learning and lovely story telling.

Reception- George

For his wonderful creativity when making a castle.

Year 1 – Olivia M (Livi)

For her inquisitive nature and enthusiasm for finding out more and stretching herself out of her comfort zone.

Year 2 – Esme

For her interest in all areas of learning, her independent research, and for sharing her learning enthusiastically with others.

Year 3 – Caelan

For his determination, resilience and success in maths, developing greater confidence with the concept of ‘time.’

Year 4- Mason

For his increasing stamina in writing and determined practice to improve even further with his sport (try golf).

Year 5 – Emily

For her continued determination and resilience, asking thoughtful questions and showing such a desire to learn!

Year 6 – Fergus

For his excellent effort and high self-expectation; always giving his best and making superb progress as a result of his efforts!