Stars of the Week – Week ending Friday 21st May

Year R Freddie H For his enthusiasm for learning and persistence to achieve.

Year 1 Ibrahim For his excellent attitude and positive contributions during class discussions, with lots of thoughtful questions.

Year 2 Rose For her enthusiasm, effort and excellent knowledge, particularly with the year 2 science project on Plants and their geography topic on Oceans and Continents.

Year 3 Joshua GFor his impeccable manners, his kindness to others, and his positive attitude in all areas of learning.

Year 4 Tommy M For his outstanding contributions when working in a group, and his excellent maths presentation for his learning about quadrilaterals.

Year 5 Chloe S For being an absolute role model, making great progress in English and maths (and really getting to grips with percentages), as well ass being a valuable member of the girls’ football team.

Year 6 Finn For his excellent business sense and mathematical skills shown in the Year 6 design a Theme Park maths challenge.