Stars of the Week – Week ending Friday 19th June

Reception Bubble A Kitty For her superb independent piece of writing about snails.

Reception Bubble B Hugo For challenging himself across all areas of the curriculum, and for teaching the class some French!

Year 1 Bubble A Lila For being such a kind and caring friend and coming back with such a love of school and a zest for learning.

Year 1 Bubble B Catherine For being an absolute Dienes superstar!

Year 2 Charlie For his outstanding efforts in maths.

Year 3 Zac For his fabulously informative and beautifully presented and illustrated Rivers posters.

Year 4 Samuel For his amazing life size model/poster of the digestive system!

Year 5 Millie For embracing all aspects of home learning… Every week, every day, every hour, every minute, every second! (according to Mr Jones!)

Year 6 Bubble A Rebecca For supporting others with positive resolutions, and for her exceptional singing!

Year 6 Bubble B Luke For his excellent writing, his superb ‘Apprentice’ presentation and his wonderful mountain landscape painting.

Key Worker Infants Claudia & Naomi For their magnificent joint Firefly project!

Key Worker Juniors Katie For her excellent mathematics, particularly her arithmetic!