Stars of the Week – Week ending Friday 19th April

Nursery- Ronan

For showing great respect for his friends, and for the nursery rules, and having a great start to the term.

Reception- Sophie

For her amazing maths- including her creative ways of playing games to practice her number bonds and counting up to ten.

Year 1 – Aidan

For his absolute determination and enthusiasm for learning, working hard over Easter and starting the term with such determination and drive.

Year 2 – Johanna

For her thoughtful questions, excellent research and love of learning.

Year 3- Albie

For his superb fable plan, involving a shark and dolphin, along with his outstanding contribution to the class mosaic.

Year 4- Rex

For channelling his energies so effectively into his learning and building on a positive end to the spring term by raising his game even further and applying himself so positively to all areas of learning.

Year 5 – Ana

For her interest and ambition, inside and outside of school, in joining St John’s Ambulance to learn more about first aid because she ultimately wants to become a doctor and help people.

Year 6- Naomi

For her outstanding writing, looking at ways of adding intrigue and suspense when story writing.