Stars of the Week- Week ending Friday 17th April

This week, rather than awarding stars per class, I have decided that the awards should go to the six children who have persevered with our Skyswood Savoury Master Chef Competition and have either sent in their third recipe, or have sent in two fabulous recipes and have next Tuesday as the deadline before we consider the ‘finalists.’ The recipes and cookery skills have been so impressive that we have collated them in our own book, which we will use in future years when Year 6 tackle Savoury Dishes as their Food and Nutrition unit in the summer term, which sits in the Design Technology area of the curriculum. It’s well worth a look at some of their recipes (in the Savoury Recipes Updates posts in our Home Learning tab) I’m sure everybody could be inspired by some of these recipes. So, well done to our cookery stars!

Year 3 – Lara and Hamish

Year 4- Carmel

Year 5- Tabitha

Year 6- Laura and Ariella.