Stars of the Week- Week ending Friday 14th May

Nursery- Bonnie

For being so friendly and helpful to those around her (and settling in so quickly as she joined nursery later in the year)

Reception- Joshua

For his wonderful running achievement (totalling up to a half marathon), along with his help in recycling our new milk bottles!

Year 1 – Callum

For simply being a ‘wonderful friend’ to others, along with his positive attitude in learning.

Year 2 are on a trip today and are therefore holding over their ‘Star’ award until next week.

Year 3 – Anton

For his superb writing and his excellent speech on the world’s five scariest theme park rides!

Year 4 – James

For his exceptional standards in maths, along with notable kindness and support for others on the school playground.

Year 5- Delilah

For her outstanding efforts in maths, along with her superb performance as ‘Dusty’ in What a Knight!

Year 6- Hannah & Daniel

A double award:

Hannah for her wonderful attitude and determination, along with her fabulous artwork and amazing performances in the girls 6-a-side football tournament.

Daniel for his passion for learning, his excellent academic achievement and his ‘magical’ portrayal of Merlin in What a Knight! (good luck this evening Daniel!)