Stars of the Week- Week ending Friday 14th December

Year R –     Kenan          For his excellent learning in class, along with his superb performance as The Little Soldier in the school play.

Year 1 –      Malaika       For making excellent choices that have led to a real improvement all round.

Year 2 –     Eleanor P    For a determined effort that has resulted in a real growth in confidence and self belief.

Year 3 –     Zaynah        For her amazing kindness, as demonstrated in her letter to Santa!

Year 4 –     Samuel       For making better choices that have led to greater focus in the classroom, alongside his outstanding performance as Judge Grumps in the lower junior school play.

Year 5 –     Sebastian   For his outstanding progress in achieving a greater command of the English language, as evident through his reading and writing.

Year 6 –  Jessica B       For her outstanding attitude and achievement, and her willingness to offer a greater depth of contribution during whole class discussions.