Spellings Update

I am writing just a short note to inform parents of a change to our spelling scheme. From now on instead of taking home predetermined words the children will be encouraged to generate their own spelling list from the given rule. By encouraging independent study it is hoped that the children will become more engaged in both spellings and language as a whole, of course this will lead to difficulties in checking spellings since every child may generate their own individual list.

The childrens’ spellings will be in their reading diary as usual. It is hoped that parents will explore the spelling rule with their children.

This may mean that parents wish to change the level of difficulty or possibly correct errors.

The new scheme promotes independent learning. The children are encouraged to not only generate their spellings, use them in context but also check them using a dictionary. Unless they specifically ask for their spellings to be checked by myself or Mrs Traviss it will be assumed that they have undertaken this task independently. Spellings will be tested, with a partner on Fridays as usual.

The new scheme is designed to encourage a partnership between parents and the school and I hope this will be successful.

It should be noted that this scheme is being trialed across Key Stage 2 now, in anticipation of a formal spelling scheme linked to the new curriculum being launched in the summer.

Thank You

Mr Jones