A copy of the school prospectus can be downloaded here:

Hertfordshire County Council are responsible for the admissions process. Letters are sent out to parents with children of the appropriate age in November informing them of the application process.  The vast majority of applications now take place online but paper forms are still accepted.  More information can be found at

There are separate application processes for Nursery and Reception and parents need to apply for both stages as they are not linked. Please visit the following page for more information:

All of the applications for all schools are looked at and sorted according to first preferences. If there is over-subscription for any of the schools then rules are applied to determine who goes to which school. The rules are explained in the literature that accompanies the application information and are reviewed annually. Do ask if there is anything that you do not understand as our experience with these matters puts us in a good position to help you.

There are rights of appeal against decisions that you are not happy with. All appeals for places at our school are managed by Hertfordshire County Council in accordance with their timelines as outlined here:

Further information regarding appeals can be found on the following page:

There are new parents’ events in the term before your child starts school where you will have the opportunity to meet staff and ask questions.

Primary School Applications for Reception Academic Year 2024/2025. Dates for tours have now passed.

We would like to wish parents every success with their applications for school places in our local area.

Resources for Parents of New Starters 

The following resources have been provided by the Links AP Academy.

Information Leaflet for Parents from Links

Getting Ready for School Visual Aids – Girls

Getting Ready for School Visual Aids – Boys

Along with the support already in place from school, the information leaflet for parents shares ways to develop skills and promote confidence, before their child starts school, for a happy and successful transition into Reception.

The ‘Getting Ready for School’ visual aids support independence and self-care at home. The squares on the pages can be cut out by parents and stuck on an A3 piece of card, or just stuck to a child’s wall/door with blu tack or similar, in the order that they would like their child to complete them – taking out what does not apply. It would be very useful for parents to start using these through the summer holidays!