School Council

Congratulations to our new School Council, who were elected in on Friday 18th September.

The new School Council are as follows:

Year 1        Toby & Isla

Year 2       Jessica & James

Year 3       Hannah & Daniel H

Year 4       Amy & Sam

Year 5       Elliot & Fiona

Year 6       Lily, Abbey, Sam & Louis

Headteacher’s Nominations:      Ben F    &    Bradley C

The photo was taken on Jeans for Genes Day, so another photo will be taken with the children in their smart school uniforms and uploaded onto the website early next week.

School Council

The School Council is comprised of representatives from the student body, who give voice to student issues and work alongside staff to come up with and implement beneficial ideas for Skyswood. It is an opportunity for pupils to demonstrate leadership and take on additional responsibilities.

There are two representatives from each class (Years 1 to 6) and two Headteacher nominations.

Representatives on the school council for 2020/21 are:

Year 1 – Betsy & Rex

Year 2 – James S & Sophie

Year 3 – Annabel E & Matthew

Year 4 – Lara & Robbie

Year 5 – Hannah N & Zac

Year 6 – Hazel & William

Headteacher’s nominations – Charlotte B (Year 5) & Mia W (Year 4)