Santa’s Setbacks all get Sorted!

Our infants thoroughly enjoyed performing their Christmas production, Santa’s Setbacks. The problems all began when Santa (as a result of too much Christmas pudding!) unfortunately broke his sleigh. Things then got worse as poor old Rudolf went down with a cold! Whatever could Santa do? Christmas just wouldn’t be the same if he couldn’t fix the sleigh and help Rudolf back to good health. Luckily for Santa his fantastic team of energetic elves were right straight into action, working hard to fix the sleigh. A wonderful team of doctors and nurses (who had picked up plenty of handy tips from the recent Year 2 Florence Nightingale Day) were on the scene to provide appropriate medication, and it wasn’t long before Rudolf was back on his feet (hooves?)

Mrs Santa was also there to offer advice and point Santa in the right direction. The children all sang beautifully and looked wonderful in their impressive costumes, including snowflakes, stars, elves and animals! Congratulations to all of the children and a big thank you to our parents who helped to make such a delightful range of costumes.