Rocket Making Competition

With the latest updates on coronavirus, and with some Skyswood families already in a situation where they are self-isolating, we have decided to give you an insight into the planned competitions for this year’s Summer Fair. Along with the learning tasks that will be set through Google Classroom, this will provide our children with some additional creative challenges should we find ourselves in the likely situation of school closures over the next couple of months.

With the school celebrating its 60th anniversary, and also being built in 1960, the theme for this year’s Summer Fair is, of course, ‘The Sixties.’ This was a period of great development and discovery in space exploration, so we will be running a competition to design and make your own model space rocket. You can use any materials that you wish, and you may base it on one of the 60’s rockets, such as those used in the Apollo missions, or you could create your very own rocket. We will display these in the school hall and look forward to receiving lots of imaginative models. The competition will run until the first week of June, but if we end up with a prolonged period out of school then this could be a fun project to work on whilst you are at home.