Reception’s ‘Wild Woods Day’ at Ashridge

Last Friday was Reception’s trip to Ashridge. We set out with some trepidation as the weather forecast was for rain, but luck was on our side. The sun shone for most of the day and a fantastic time was had by all!

We started the day by heading into the woods for a scavenger hunt. We had a list of ten items to collect or spot such as a feather, nine fallen trees, seven footpath markers and five leaves of different shapes, which kept us very busy. I think we found most items except for a squirrel. They must have heard a class of 4-5yr olds coming and made themselves scarce!

Next was a minibeast hunt. The children found loads of animals that love the shade such as slugs, snails, woodlice, millipedes, ants and spiders. A few worms and beetles also made an appearance.

After all that walking and hunting, we had worked up an appetite and it was time for lunch and a play. Lots of the children found sticks and logs and made their own dens.

It was after this that the heavens opened so we went inside for some art and craft activities. First, the children filled outlines of bugs with natural materials. They used all sorts of things such as leaves, flowers, and seed pods and thought carefully about the size of objects that would produce the best results. We thought the end results were pretty impressive!

Finally they made a beetle with moveable wings before heading back to the trip for the journey home.

A big ‘Thank you’ must go to Elizabeth, our trip organiser at the National Trust for a wonderful day. The children were enthusiastic, engaged and very well-behaved throughout. We were all so proud of them!