Reception has grown!

This half-term, Reception has been learning all about Growing! We started our topic by looking at plants and what they need to grow healthily. We planted some cress seeds and placed them in different conditions: 1) with sunlight and water, 2) with sunlight and no water, 3) with no sunlight and water, and 4) with no sunlight and no water. The children were amazed by the results:



Next, we planted our own sunflowers and have been making sure they have plenty of sunlight and water! They’re coming along nicely!

After plants, we started to look at animals and how they grow and change. Thanks to William P and family, we have acquired some tadpoles and have been watching them closely in the classroom. So far we have one tadpole that has grown its back legs but are hopeful that soon we’ll have a few more!

Perhaps the most exciting though has been watching the progress of the baby ducklings over in Nursery. We were lucky enough to see the first one only a couple of hours after it hatched in the incubator. We couldn’t believe how much they’d grown when we went back to visit only two weeks later. So cute!