Raku Kiln

Over the course of the summer term our Year 6 Pottery Club are looking forward to building their own raku kiln. This Japanese style of kiln was first introduced to the West by Bernard Leach around a hundred years ago.

We have already received some kind donations of fire bricks from Mike Hardy (grandparent of Claire and Hannah in Year 4), who was the Primary Advisor for Ceramics in Hertfordshire for several years and has kindly offered advice on kiln building as well as several fire bricks.

We have also received a kind donation of house bricks from local builder, Silver Nick!

We possibly need just a few more ordinary house bricks, so if any families have any bricks at the bottom of the garden that you no longer need, or would like to donate to our raku project, please let us know. We’d really appreciate a few extra bricks in order to create a stronger and better insulated structure that would last for several years to come and hopefully be used by several Year 6 Pottery Clubs in the future!