Year 5 — 07 November 2012

In literacy we are studying recounts and have been learning about Mount Everest, so far we have been finding out reasons for and against Mallory reaching the summit.


In history we have been learning about Ancient Egypt, we’ve been learning about the Pharaohs.


In maths we have been finding out the top 5 girls names and the top 5 boy names. We use bar charts and pie charts to present our answers.


In science we have been learning about the heart and the effects of smoking. Our new topic this half term is the Earth, Sun and moon.


In art we have been making sarcophagi and canopic jars out of clay.

Also in PE we have been doing Tag rugby and basketball, we have been learning chest passes and bounce passes.


In RE we have been learning about Judaism and the story of Moses.

Post written by Abi, Amy and Charlotte

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