Preparing for our Link Up!

We are all becoming very excited as this week progresses due to the fact that Skyswood are heavily involved in the first live schools link up with Tim Peake, at the International Space Station. The event will be covered nationally, and will almost certainly feature on the BBC News as well as Good Morning Britain. One of our Year 6 pupils, Samuel, actually has the privilege of asking Tim a question during the link up.

A group of Skyswood pupils will be in the audience (and there’s a possibility that some of our pupils may also be interviewed as part of the coverage.) Sandringham School have also invited Year 6 pupils over to see a huge rocket (Starchaser) and our upper juniors have also been invited to a special assembly (where they will get to see a genuine space suit) on Thursday.

Many thanks must go to Sandringham for all that they have done to include their two closest primary schools, Wheatfields and Skyswood, at all stages of this exciting event (from launch to link up!) It will mean a very early breakfast for a group of lucky junior children, whilst all of our other infant and junior aged children will get to see the event on our large screen in the hall.