Pieces of the week – Unstoppable and Für Elise

This week I have chosen pieces suggested by Jimmy and Jack R in Year 6.  I’m interested in how music can inspire us and make us feel so I really enjoyed reading their explanations.  In our house we’ll be listening to Unstoppable when we get ready for work in the morning and Für Elise when we’re winding down at the end of the day.

Jimmy’s suggestion: Unstoppable by The Score

‘I like a You Tube channel called Dude Perfect which is a group of guys who do challenges and trick shots. This song was on the bottle flip video that I watched a lot. I liked it as it is catchy and good to listen to.  It has a positive message which is that we can achieve things if we try.  It is very fast and up-tempo.

Jack R’s suggestion: Für Elise by Beethoven.

‘I first heard the piece about 2 years ago and it made me feel relaxed and calm. I later on did some research on Für Elise and found out it was composed by Beethoven in 1867 and soon after became one of my favourite classical pieces of all time.’