Congratulations to all of our upper juniors (and Layla from Reception) on their amazing performances of Matilda (Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th July). The children brought the production to life through their wonderful singing, acting and choreography. Charlotte and Mia, who played the title role, absolutely ‘nailed’ their solos of Naughty and Quiet, and the same can be said of Alisa and Charlotte, who shone as Miss Honey and both gave beautiful renditions of This Little Girl.

Hannah and Sherri were outstanding (and extremely scary) as the evil Agatha Trunchbull, whilst Gabriela and Oliver relished every slice of chocolate cake in their roles as Bruce. The Wormwood family, with Samuel and Adrian as Mr Wormwood, Chloe and Rosie as Mrs Wormwood, and Alastair and Ben as Michael (Matilda’s brother of few words) all captured their characters superbly. And who could forget the incredible Rudolpho (who went on to impress us with his ‘Stavros Flatley’ impersonation.

Lavender, Matilda’s best friend, was played beautifully by Lydia and Rose, whilst Logan led the Hungarian Mafia in his role as Sergei.

A number of scenes took place in the library (where Matilda told stories to the story-loving librarian, Mrs Phelps. Eva and Claire played the part of Mrs Phelps brilliantly and the subjects of Matilda’s stories (the escapologist and acrobat) were convincingly portrayed by Zaynah and Isla.

Scenes in classroom and playground came to life due to the animated performances of Matilda’s many classmates, headed up by Nigel (Josh), Hortensia (Tulip), Eric (Reece), Alice (Megan) and Delilah (Grace). All of the children were fantastic, making some of the big numbers, such as Miracle, School Song, When I Grow Up, and Revolting Children real highlights within the show. Miss Trunchbull was outstanding on both nights (is ‘nailing’ the hammer a pun?) … along with taking the lead in The Smell of Rebellion whilst the children suffered the torturous ‘Fizz Ed!’.

Massive congratulations must go to all of the children, including our excellent back stage crew. Particular thanks must go to Mrs Salway for teaching the songs, to Sherrardswood School and Brilliant Theatre Arts for the loan of several props, and to Miles and his team at The SandPit for their amazing support with the show.

Here are some of the pictures taken (mainly courtesy of Mr Jones). We will make these on sale and available to parents early next week.