Greek Gods, Chain Poems, Creativity, a birthday celebration, and a Competition Success!

Our Year 6 children have produced some amazing interpretations of Greek Gods, we have received more fantastic poems for our school book, Matilda has been working particularly hard, and congratulations to Erin on her M & S Design a Garden Competition Success!

Jacob has used Greek Gods as his theme for creating Top Trumps!
Bella’s beautifully presented research on Greek Gods and Goddesses
Alizah’s trendy Greek God orbs!
Jodie’s amazing Greek Gods (Cat-style!)
Harry’s well observed sketch of Athena!
And Harry’s Zeus, King of the Greek Gods!
Luke’s informative research on Artemis, Ares and Zeus
Erin’s imaginative garden design, which won 80 packs of seeds in the Marks and Spencer’s ‘Design a Garden’ Competition.
Matilda’s been working hard with her phonics
A wonderful visual image of our solar system. Jupiter is definitely the biggest planet and Earth has been cleverly modelled to show oceans and land!
Finn made use of technology to see his friends today. Happy Birthday Finn!


Fun on a Sunny Beach

Fun on a sunny beach,

Beach balls bouncing on the sand,

Sand castles being built by children,

Children in the sea having fun,

Fun on a sunny beach.

Zac (Year 4)



Tigers live in jungles,

Jungles are green and big,

Big long claws,

Claws sharp and dangerous,

Dangerous and strong are tigers,

Tigers live in jungles.

Megan (Year 4)



Wolves hunt in packs,

Packs stick together,

Together they make good teams,

Teams of wolves howl at the moon,

Moon shines bright in the sky,

Sky is so dark you can’t see the wolves,

Wolves hunt in packs.

Hannah (Year 4)