Goldsworthy, Banksy and Heroic Poetry!

Over the half-term we have received some excellent natural art inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy, along with some Banksy inspired street art and some coronavirus-defeating heroic poetry!

Samuel produced a 60th Anniversary Goldsworthy-style piece of art!
Samuel also created this wonderful Goldsworthy rainbow!
And Samuel has also created a fabulous sea-glass man!
A wonderful picture of Samuel and Jacob with their 60th Anniversary Goldsworthy-inspired art!
Hannah used a slab frame for her Goldsworthy-inspired art!
Daniel’s Goldsworthy-inspired face has truly magnificent eyes!
An excellent use of symmetry in Megan’s Goldsworthy piece!
A wonderful message comes through in Emily’s Banksy-inspired art!
Finn also has a powerful message!
Beautifully detailed drawings in Rory’s Banksy-inspired art.


I Remember, I Remember

I remember, I remember,

The first time I played my little violin,

I remember, I remember,

The day I learned to ride my purple, big bike,

I remember, I remember,

The first house I lived in,

I remember, I remember,

When I had a snowball fight with my grandparents,

I remember, I remember

When my dad saved us from the charging cow,

I remember, I remember,

The first time I saw my noisy parrots on a windy Christmas morning,

I remember, I remember,

The first day at school when I met my fantastic new friends,

I remember, I remember,

My first brown and soft teddy bear called Oshi,

I remember, I remember,

My wonderful grandma cuddling me on a hot summer day,

Ana (Year 1)


When the Flood Waters Come

When the flood waters come,

When the rain falls down,

When people and animals run,

Be careful or you could drown,

I will calm the flow,

I will make the rain stop,

I will hope to show

That we have come out on top.

Hannah N (Year 4)


When the Coronavirus Hit

When the coronavirus hit​

When lockdown started​

When schools are closed​

When you no longer see your friends​

When home schooling started​

When holidays are stopped​

When each day is the same ​

When life changed due to this pandemic​,

The air is less polluted ​

You start to get creative​

The poetry club started​

We will see the schools re-opening ​

We will see our friends again​

The holidays will happen once again ​

When you get the best surprises ​

Life will be a new normal​

Chloe S (Year 4)


When the Volcano Becomes Hot

When the volcano becomes hot,

And lava pours down,

And the sky turns dark,

Don’t worry…

Don’t run and hide…

I will stop the lava,

Bring back the sun,

And everything will go back to normal.

Megan (Year 4)


In the Wild

When the lions start roaring angrily,

When the hyenas start to pounce,

When the winds are howling loudly,

When the trees are swaying fast,

I will calm the lions down,

I will push the clouds away,

I will bring rainbows onto the sky,

And the wild will be quiet again.

Ana (Year 1)