Fun in the Snow

Our key worker children, sticking strictly to their key worker bubbles, had great fun today in the snow. The children really enjoyed playing, building snowmen and engaging in the occasional ‘safety conscious’ snowball fight, making sure that they only used soft, clean snow and didn’t aim at faces (or from point blank range). Two of their snowmen gave an appropriate message on social distancing (being built two metres apart and modelling masks as well as the traditional hat and scarf!). Well done for all of our children for having great fun whilst showing due respect for each other and enjoying the snow with big smiles on all faces!

Socially distanced snowmen and key worker ‘bubbles’.
Catherine made a trio of tremendous snowmen!
Look out teachers, here we come!
Wellies, hat and warm coat… Now who do I aim this snowball at?
Smiles in the snow!
Nice shot!
Got you!