Frogs, Dinosaurs, Graffiti, Rockets, Warhol and Goldsworthy!

This week our Animal Art Club has been based on the theme of frogs. I have received some fantastic Bridget-Riley style frog pictures, a few fabulous Rainbow Frog stories (that you can download, they’re definitely worth a read), and some amazing fictional texts on various species of frog. As well as fantastic frogs, I’ve also received some super photos of Daniel’s incredible Dinosaur Museum, along with some examples of Year 5 artwork based on the work of graffiti artist Keith Haring. Cherie and Jacob have both had great fun with their rockets and we have also received some Andy Warhol and Andy Goldsworthy inspired art.

A wonderful diplodocus takes centre stage for this section of Daniel’s Dinosaur Museum!
Daniel proudly stands alongside his museum, giving us a fantastic idea of it’s incredible scale.
And a superb model, including erupting volcano! (I wouldn’t want to be crossing that log!)
Ellie’s amazing Goldsworthy-inspired petal and shell masterpiece!
A beautiful smile to accompany a beautiful piece of art!
An outstanding effort Ellie
William’s wonderful spiral with pebbles and petals
And some surrounding pebbles as the finishing touches!
Simply beautiful!
Ana’s wonderful Warhol collection of mugs!
Eva’s beautiful Warhol ladybirds1
Emma’s fabulous frog!
Daniel’s fantastic frog on lily pad!
Xander’s perfectly camouflaged frog!
Xander’s Norwich City frog… currently two ponds apart from Mr Bridle’s ‘largely limping Ipswich frog!’
Chloe’s lively collection of graffiti art characters.

Lily’s graffiti characters also have amazing energy!
Archie’s powerful image makes good use of complementary colours
Isaac working on his rocket controls!
Careful details!
Basic astronaut training!
At the controls!
And a slightly smaller rocket model, but beautifully designed by Isaac!
And from a different angle!
Cherie’s wonderful Space Rocket
Cherie’s Andy Goldsworthy inspired art, created after a Childwickbury walk

Jay’s rare powers and life

Once up on a time lived a little green frog named Jay, he was only one day old. His whole family were rainbow coloured. Jay and his family lived in a wet and warm rainforest with plants and animals everywhere. He didn’t have his rainbow colour yet because they only turn rainbow at one week old. Six days later… at this time Jay was getting desperate. Then his mother said, “Today is the day that you learn your magic and turn rainbow,” as they hopped over to the transforming tree. First Jay had to jump into the Colour Lake but only half of him turned rainbow. So, his mother hurried him off to the other more powerful lake called Double Colour Lake luckily the rest of Jays body turned rainbow. The next thing to do was to learn his powers (they usually have two.) He seemed to have the two rarest powers of all, to turn invisible and to shoot real rainbows. Jays rainbows made people and animals smile and be happy and the invisibility power is so he can hide from threats. He soon moved out of his home and got a nice wife named Rosa and a new home. Not soon after they had twins one boy and one girl. They were called Lily and Pete, Jay (their dad) taught them everything he knew including how to use their powers. Their powers were both the same, controlling things with their eyes (common) and to move water and air (rare). They lived happily ever after just the four of them.

By Hannah N

Opal’s powers

Once upon a time lived a tiny frog called Opal. Opal was white all over, her family said when she was five years old, she would get her powers and would turn rainbow coloured. One sunny day a herd of elephants separated her from her family. Once they had gone past, she searched for her family everywhere. She found an old village with people walking around. Suddenly she saw a rainbow come out of the sky. Opal saw the end of the rainbow and went into it. Just then she turned rainbow coloured! While she was looking at her skin a little girl walked past with a cut on her leg, Opal looked at it and it healed. She had healing powers. The next day her family came into the village. She went home with them and was very happy.

By Megan N

Oliver’s spotty frog!