FoSS Roles

If you are interested in becoming an active member of FoSS, with a view to taking on a role on the committee, you can find information on the responsibilities of the the roles in the documents below.

FoSS meetings are held once every half term. For new parents, becoming a member of FoSS is a great way of meeting other parents at the school.

If you are interested in supporting FoSS or taking an active role in the association, please contact us; we’d love to hear from you.

Current Committee Members of FoSS

Chris Kirkup

Vice Chair
Toby Weston

Sam Dewar

Julie Amel-Azizpour

Stuart Burden
Joanne Walker
Sarah Salway
Darren Runnette
Julie Amel-Azizpour
Sam Dewar
Gemma Lillian Kenward
Vicki Shilston