Christmas Advent Calendar- Day 21 Finland

Finnish people believe that Santa Claus lives with his reindeer in the Northern part of Finland known as Korvatunturi, or Lapland. This is North of the Arctic Circle. People come from all over the world to visit Lapland at Christmas.

There is a huge theme park in Finland called Christmas Land, near to where Santa is believed to live.

Santa doesn’t have to travel far to deliver presents to Finnish children. He usually leaves gifts for the children under the tree if they have been good, but if they have been naughty they might end up with a bag of coal.

Santa is also known as Joulupukki in some parts of Finland, meaning ‘Christmas goat’. Legend has it that a scary goat used to demand presents from others. Over time, the goat changed its ways and realised that it was better to give presents to others.

All of the fishermen try to return home for the Christmas period, aiming to return four days before Christmas on the 21st December, which is St Thomas’ Day.

Animals are also treated to Christmas presents. Farmers hang a sheaf of wheat in the trees for the birds. Nuts and suet are also squashed into tiny bags and put into the trees as a treat for the birds.